In April & May 2018 Chaps Choir is running a scratch choir project open to any man who would like to have a go at singing in a group. The project will lead up to our 5th Birthday gig at the Union Chapel on 19th May. Willing Scratch Chaps will be invited to join a chorus of 100 men at the gig. 

// no group singing or performing experience required
// all music will be taught by ear - no need to read music
// teaching will be inclusive and accessible so no-one gets left behind
// we'll be singing a range of songs, some you might recognise, some you might not. 

The project will be led by Chaps Choir founder & leader Dominic Stichbury, an experienced vocal leader who is used to getting anyone - no matter their background & experience - singing in a group. Read more about Dominic here.

If you're interested in taking part fill in this form. More information will be released in late February, spaces will be limited.

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