Drowned In Sound mention - Citadel review
'Our day starts with the bandstand and Chaps Choir, a horde of...singing men from Islington that produce a winning, lifting sound that drifts bucolically through the trees...their set a brief but sweaty whirl of headdress and rhythm'

Indscene mention - Wilderness review
'...Chaps Choir, an all-male 50 piece choir of hotties & 'lumbersexuals' performed chart-bothering crowd-favourites that raised the hairs on the back of everyones necks.'

The Independent - 'Scientific evidence proves that singing with others promotes health - and can be life-changing, too' by Simmy Richman
'...It's also the best way to meet new people. But what if you hate group activities? Simmy Richman joined the Chaps Choir  for two rehearsals, and one potentially life-changing performance'

CHART - notes to consider - 'When The Men Sing, The Silence Ends' by Alexander Mayor; photos by Matt Veal
'Away from the football pitch or the pub at closing time, men aren’t big singers. Somehow, from school age onwards, singing, that free musical instrument most of us carry around all day, gets knocked out of men. Social pressure, emotional restraint, whatever it is, it stops men from singing in public or joining choirs. In 2013, one singing tutor in North London decided to see if this sad social state of affairs could be overturned and Chaps Choir was born. Writer and musician Alexander Mayor reflects on the surprises of joining a choir, and the strange journey men go on once they decide to sing.'
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POSITIVE NEWS - 'Rewriting The Man Code' by Lucy Purdy
“Singing in a choir is powerful because, unlike in sport, you don’t have to win to succeed,” says the choir’s founder Dominic Stichbury. “To succeed, you have to become part of the group.”



Chaps Choir founder & director Dominic Stichbury and Social Researcher Emily Falconer were featured on an ITV news segment about the choir. 



Chaps Choir were featured on Australia's Channel7 NEWS ! Click below to see the segment: