Currently Chaps Choir is full, but we're always interested in hearing from any chap who would like to be part of our troupe, as spaces do come up throughout the year. You can register by filling in this form. (If you've previously shown an interest or were on the old waiting list then give us another nudge by completing the form at the link below.)

CLICK HERE to show your interest.

If you'd rather not wait you could try Bellow Fellows run by Dominic Stichbury the founder & leader of Chaps Choir. The choir meets on Tuesday evenings in Angel, Islington and is open to any man who wants to have a go at singing. For more information visit their website.


Since Chaps Choir began, one of its missions is to offer an alternative model & identity for the singing male troupe. Research has shown singing in a group to be an activity that is hugely beneficial to physical & psychological health, however in the majority of the UK's mixed choirs men are usually in a minority.

Using non-traditional repertoire and teaching methods that are encouraging & inclusive, Chaps Choir has attracted men new to choir singing; the majority having never sung in a choir as an adult. 

Bookslam at The National Maritime museum

Bookslam at The National Maritime museum


In the lead up to the choir's 2nd Birthday gig 'Chap-Up', a 5 week participation project was created to encourage a new cohort of men who had never sung in a choir to join in. 40 men joined the choir on stage for a handful of songs and many of these temporary chaps joined the ranks of Bellow Fellows.  

Here is a video of Chaps Choir & The Chap-Up chaps singing the traditional Sami chant Ole Laya Loila

A similar project occured later in 2015, which journalist Simmy Richman wrote about in the Independent. This lead to a performance at the Southbank's Being A Man festival. 

Chaps Choir & the Chap-Up chaps Photo © Matt Veal

Chaps Choir & the Chap-Up chaps
Photo © Matt Veal

© Wellcome Images

© Wellcome Images